Profile of a Professional Tutor

Profile of a Professional T.U.T.O.R.

“Science makes me question the world, and Mathematics helps me make sense of the world!”

I love to teach both Science and Mathematics. My role as your TUTOR is to provide, guide, facilitate instruction and assessment, all with the desired outcomes of transferable problem-solving skills across the curriculum. The co-created tutor/learner environment will provide opportunities for the student to make connections between different subject areas. To reflect on what he/she has learned, and develop metacognitive strategies that aid him/her so that he/she always thinks about his or her thinking, in and out of the learning environment.

The primary objective of a personalized instructional approach is to balance the mastery of fundamental skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. An interactive, multi-sensory approach ensures that the student understands the concrete realities that underlie mathematical and scientific concepts.

Together we will figure out your strengths and reinforce your weaknesses with those strengths. With over 25 years of teaching, tutoring, researching, and understanding how people learn — I know that I can help you persevere in your academic endeavors.